Interview in Hradec Králové!

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Interview in Hradec Králové!

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On 30th January 2020, in Hradec Králové was taken place regional round. Our interview ‘s participants were Adéla from Jiráskovo Gymnasium in Náchod and Velyan from Business Academy in Pardubice.

“Test was well-designed, I would like to know something more about questions which were there.” Majority of student agree on that multiple-choice questions are easier than others.

The main reason why Adéla participated in Economics Olympics was an economics course at a gymnasium, where she is studying. She is thinking that is very important to know basic terms and have a view of economics as a science in general.

Velyan from the business academy in Pardubice valuated structure of test in this way – everybody had a chance to be successful in regional rounds. The test was difficult – Velyan did not expect this level of test, there were some economics terms he has not ever heard before.

On the basis of “school” round of EO Velyan managed to fight his way to regional rounds. I just wanted to try it, said Velyan. I like the idea that winning is not everything, said Velyan. This competition can show you that economy is interesting. Participation at EO requires courage and discipline. Moreover, there are a lot of opportunities to obtain new experiences.

Velyan did not prepare for testing in the regional round as Adéla. At the end of the interview, he emphasised the idea of the importance of economics in life.

We wish you all the best! Thank you for your attendance at the Economics Olympics. We look forward to you at the final round, maybe! J

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