Our Team

Martina Bacik

Martina Bacik

Founder / President

Martina Bacíková is the founder and executive director of the non-profit organization Institut ekonomického vzdělávání (INEV) and the founder / president of the Economics Olympiad. In 2020, she was recognized in Forbes magazine's 30 Under 30 list. Under her leadership, INEV and the Economics Olympiad have experienced a long period of explosive growth, high impact, and global recognition.


Alexander Skouras

Executive Director

Alexander Skouras is the Executive Director of the Economics Olympiad, where he applies his extensive background in think tank leadership and advocacy for economic education and literacy among students globally. Before joining the Economics Olympiad, Alexander led the Center for Liberal Studies - Markos Dragoumis (KEFiM) in Greece. During his tenure as President, KEFiM grew from a small group of volunteers into one of the most impactful think tanks in Greece. His previous role as Director of External Relations at the Atlas Network further showcases his expertise in fostering global partnerships and advancing ideas and policies that promote sound economic policy and prosperity.

Pavel-Potužák-KEKE-title-232x300 (1)

Pavel Potužák

Academic Director

Pavel Potuzak serves as an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Prague University of Economics and Business and is a distinguished founding board member of the Institute for Economic Education (INEV). Since its inception, Pavel has played a crucial role in upholding the academic integrity of the Economics Olympiad. He has been instrumental in the development and continual refinement of the competition's test bank, ensuring that it accurately reflects the evolving landscape of economics education. His contributions are vital to maintaining the Olympiad's reputation as a premier platform for aspiring economists to showcase their knowledge and skills on an international stage.


Christos Manesiotis

Account Manager

Christos Manesiotis, a distinguished alumnus and the inaugural winner of the Greek Economics Olympiad, joined our team as an Account Manager in October 2023. Hailing from Athens, Greece, Christos is furthering his academic pursuits in Economics & Politics at New York University. With his profound understanding of the competition's framework and objectives, Christos plays a pivotal role at the Economics Olympiad. As the primary contact for national organizers, he offers unparalleled support and expert guidance, drawing on his firsthand experience and success in the Olympiad to inspire and assist participants and organizers alike.


Martin Kubíček


Martin, hailing from Czechia, is pursuing his studies in Economics at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. A graduate of the International Baccalaureate program, he is actively engaged in the ECONET association, the largest alumni network for Economics Olympiad participants in the Czech Republic. Beyond his academic endeavors, Martin demonstrates his leadership and expertise as a team leader within an international student consulting organization, and he also dedicates his time to tutoring Economics. His extensive involvement in the Economics Olympiad over several years has culminated in his joining the IOE Test Master team, where he leverages his experience and knowledge to contribute to the development and refinement of the competition's framework and testing systems.


Radim Dvořák


Radim, an accomplished alumnus of the Economics Olympiad, proudly represented the Czech Republic at the IEO Finals in 2022. Following his secondary education, where he earned an IB Diploma, Radim is currently advancing his academic career at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, pursuing a double degree in Economics and Mathematics. His passion for economics extends beyond academia into practical application, serving as an analyst in the Trinity Student Managed Fund. Radim's commitment to personal growth and community service is further demonstrated through his involvement in sports, tutoring, and the organization of summer camps. Within the IEO Team, he holds the critical role of Test Master, focusing on the development and management of the testing system, ensuring its integrity and effectiveness in evaluating participants' understanding of economics.