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Announcement: International Final Round of the Economics Olympiad

We are thrilled to announce that this year’s International Final Round of the Economics Olympiad will take place from September 1st to 4th, hosted at the prestigious campus of the International Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia, Greece — the revered birthplace of the Olympic Games.

This exceptional venue symbolizes the unity, excellence, and enduring spirit of competition that the Economics Olympiad embodies. Ancient Olympia, with its rich history and cultural significance, provides a fitting backdrop for this gathering of young economic minds from around the globe.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to compete, collaborate, and exchange ideas in a location steeped in the tradition of the Olympic Games, which have long stood as a beacon of peaceful competition and international camaraderie. This setting not only enhances the experience for our finalists but also connects the intellectual pursuits of economics with the timeless values of the Olympic movement.

The selection of Ancient Olympia as our venue underscores our commitment to inspiring excellence, fostering global connections, and celebrating the achievements of students who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge and understanding of economics.

We look forward to four days of rigorous competition, enlightening workshops, and cultural exchange among the brightest young economists from around the world. This event is not just a competition; it is a celebration of young talent, a bridge between cultures, and an inspiration for future leaders in economics.

Stay tuned for more details on the schedule, guest speakers, and special events that will make this year’s International Final Round an unforgettable experience. Let us come together in the spirit of knowledge, competition, and unity at the birthplace of the Olympic Games.