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Bring the Economics Olympiad to your School

Teachers play an instrumental role in the Economics Olympiad, acting as catalysts for students’ intellectual curiosity and economic understanding. Your initiative to bring the EO to your school is commendable, providing students with a platform to challenge themselves and excel.

To integrate the EO into your curriculum, simply connect with your local national organizer through the provided link or complete the available form to express your interest. Your active participation is vital in nurturing the next generation of economic thinkers.

    Become an EO Coordinator

    As an EO Coordinator, you will be a cornerstone in your students’ academic growth, with the opportunity to:

    • Register your School: Your main responsibility as an EO Coordinator will be to register your school during the registration period and coordinate with your National Organizer in order to ensure a seamless implementation of the Economics Olympiad in your school.
    • Cultivate Competencies: Prepare students for the EO, enhancing their understanding and performance.
    • Facilitate Communication: Serve as the primary connection between National Organizers, your school, and participating students.
    • Uphold Standards: Ensure adherence to the competition’s rules during school rounds.
    • EO Expansion: Coordinate with educators and administrators to foster EO awareness and participation in your school.
    • Mentorship Journey: Support students at every stage of the Economics Olympiad, from initial preparation to potential international success.

    Your dedication as a coordinator will be the driving force behind the economic acumen developed at your school. Throughout this process, the Economics Olympiad and our National Organizers will be at your side, supporting you in every way possible.

    Teacher Resources

    1. Council for Economic Education (CEE): Provides a wealth of resources for teaching economics and personal finance. The CEE’s comprehensive offerings include detailed lesson plans, interactive activities, and assessments designed to make economics accessible and engaging for students. Visit CEE
    2. Federal Reserve Education: Offers an extensive collection of educational materials and resources that cover various aspects of economics, banking, and financial literacy. Teachers can access lesson plans, videos, and interactive games tailored for different grade levels. Visit Federal Reserve Education
    3. EconEdLink: Provides a range of free teaching resources for K-12 educators, including lesson plans, videos, and interactive tools. The site covers a broad spectrum of economic and personal finance topics, making it a versatile resource for teachers. Visit EconEdLink
    4. Marginal Revolution University (MRU): Offers free, high-quality online economics courses covering a wide array of topics. MRU’s engaging video content and comprehensive course materials are an excellent supplement for high school economics courses. Visit Marginal Revolution University
    5. Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE): Provides programs and resources aimed at introducing young individuals to an economic way of thinking about national and international issues. The FTE offers curriculum materials, professional development workshops, and student programs. Visit Foundation for Teaching Economics

    Disclaimer: It’s essential for educators to explore resources provided by national organizers or coordinating teachers of the Economics Olympiad, as they may offer additional materials that are specific to the curriculum, educational standards, and available in the native languages of various countries. Moreover, the Economics Olympiad guarantees that all knowledge required to correctly answer all questions posed during the school round and the international final round are included in the officially recommended textbook, ensuring educators have access to comprehensive and relevant teaching materials.