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Secondary school students from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland competed in the international final of the Economics Olympiad, which culminated on 20 November 2020. Each country was represented by five students who had already successfully completed the national rounds.

This year’s final, which was sponsored by a Nobel Laureate and Professor of Economics and Business at New York University, Thomas J. Sargent, took place online due to the current situation. Competitors first passed a written test and then they demonstrated their knowledge in front of a committee composed of important personalities in economics in the following oral part.

The final included an online conference on the topic of ‘Recovery of the Visegrád Four from an Economic Shock’. Those interested in the conference were hosted by Mojmír Hampl, a member of the INEV Board of Directors and a former member of the Bank Board of the Czech National Bank. The members of the committee of the Economics Olympiad international final also took part in the discussion.

The winner of the second International Economics Olympiad Finals was Otakar Kořínek from the Czech Republic, the second place took Jakub Laszkowski from Poland, at the third place was Mateusz Gil also from Poland.

International Economics Olympiad Finals 2020 was able to take place thanks to the financial contribution of the Visegrad Fund.


Boglárka Varga

Hi, I am Bogi, from Budapest, Hungary. I study at Hunfalvy János
Bilingual Secondary Vocational School of Economics and Trade
of BGSZC, which is one of the best economic schools in
Hungary. I will graduate this school year. My interest in
economics began in primary school because of my history
teacher who presented the global economics crisis as interesting.
I like learning new things and because of that I love going to
competitions with my friends or alone. I work hard to give my
best. I am an extroverted person who loves to meet with new

Dániel Szarvas

I’m an 18 years old student from Hungary and I’ve just started
studying Computer Science at Budapest University of
Technology. I had been introduced to Economics at quite an
early age, given that both of my parents work as economists. My
interest towards this field of study has only become greater
since, thanks to the Economics classes I took in middle school.
My long-term goal is to combine these two fields and build a
career accordingly. I strive to a bring a fresh perspective into
Economics, because in my opinion Computer Science knowledge
will shortly become inevitable in this field of study.

Emese Mezei

My name is Emese Mezei. I’m 19 years old and I live in Budapest,
Hungary. I study in the BGSZC Berzeviczy Gergely Bilingual
Vocational School of Economics and I’ve been studying
economics for four years. Next year I would like to apply to
university to study finance and accounting. I speak Hungarian,
English and German. Besides economics my main interests are
history and literature and in the future I would like to be
a secondary school teacher. In my free time I enjoy reading,
watching serials and movies, traveling and hiking.

Flóra Nacsa

I am Flora Nacsa from Hungary. I moved to Székesfehérvár to a
dormitory two months ago, I had lived in Budapest before, and my
school was Szent Imre High School. Now, for my last year, I go
to school here, to Teleki Blanka High School, but I have student
status with a vocational high school of economics as well. I love
experiencing that I am getting able to look at the world’s
processes and the people’s decisions from another perspective as
well by my economic studies. My dream is to study at LSE
majoring in Mathematics and Economics.

Nikol Gyenes

I am Nikol Gyenes and I am from Hungary. I attend Deák Ferenc
Secondary Grammar School and Technical School of Economics
and IT. In 2019 in Brussels I represented my country on the
European Money Quiz with my classmate, and we finished
among the top 10. I really enjoy learning new things. I would
like to continue studying in the economics and management
department at university. I am interested in enterprising, and I
am planning to start my own business. I am also dedicated to
environmental protection.

Otakar Kořínek

My name is Otakar. I am currently a junior at Nový PORG, studying
the dreaded IB programme. When I am not studying, I fool around
cooking – I have a strong penchant for French cuisine, watching
Netflix, or reading about finance, politics and economics. I am
also managing ECONET – an organization for people who love
economics! My biggest success so far was winning the
Economics Olympiad and the Czech National Bank award.

Patrick Joseph Krautman

Witnessing some of the most spectacular events of the 21st century
has sparked my interest in economics and politics. The great
recession and the current COVID crisis have not only revealed
the pitfalls of applying 20th century solutions to current
economic problems, but also showed me the tremendous
influence the economy has over the global political climate
which encouraged me to learn more about these phenomena.
Hence, at the age of 15, I completed the AP Macroeconomics
course and a year later followed up with Microeconomics. The
Economics Olympiad proved to be not only an excellent opportunity to
refresh and strengthen my knowledge in economics but also to connect me with like-minded,
bright people who I can share my passion for this fascinating subject with.

Tomáš Burian

Hello, my name is Tomáš and I am currently attending my last year
of grammar school. When it comes to economics, my favourite
topic would be the stock market. I like to research and value
individual companies and learn the story behind them. This year
I joined the Econet club and I would like to further study
economics at Charles University. In my free time I like to do

Tomáš Kadlec

The first time I got in touch with economy was during my second
grade of high school when I took part in INEV’s Economics
Olympiad. I had been studying economy in my free time since
then (my favourite book on economy will certainly be New
Ideas from Dead Economists from Todd Buchholz) and this year
I managed to achieve the 4th place nationwide in the previously
mentioned Economics Olympiad. I am looking forward to
further dealing wit

Viktor Fukala

I am a student in the final year at the Gymnázium Jana Keplera in my
hometown of Prague. At few instances in the past, I chose to study
economics because it encompasses both exact scientific,
mathematical methods and direct applications in sociology and
politics. In one way or the other, all of that greatly intersects
with my interests, which primarily include mathematics, its
applications, and the IT business. I think that economic
principles lie at the heart of any prosperous modern society,
which makes me believe that having understood these will be more
than helpful in any career path I may choose in future.

Filip Buša

My name is Filip Buša and I´m currently attending a senior year of high
school in Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia. I started to look into economics
when I was 15 thanks to the new school curriculum. In the following
years, I spent a lot of my free time studying different topics concerning
governments and individuals alike. In the future, I would like to
leverage my knowledge in this field to help people in need. Apart from
economics, I enjoy cycling, playing games, reading books, and other

Martin Albert Gbúr

I am currently a first-year student at the University of Warwick in
UK, and I study Mathematics, Statistics and Economics. Although
I heartily enjoy discussing politics and economics, the choice of
my field of study was a rather pragmatic one. Mathematics has
been my favourite subject ever since and I attended many maths
camps and competitions, which is why I thought it would be
easier for me to be offered a place in this course. Moreover, I
think it will substantially help me to pursue my desired career.
Now, this is in quant finance industry, as it provides an opportunity
to come up with innovative investment strategies. I hold libertarian views
and I have enjoyed the works of Mises, Rothbard or Taleb. To my non-academic interests
belong hiking, travelling, and playing the flute.

Richard Klimko

My name is Richard Klimko. I am 19 years old. I live in Prešov.
I attend the Secondary school of electrical engineering (SPŠE).
My interests are football, economics, and politics. In this
competition, I will try to use my logical skills, not some
complicated theories. We are young only once so I am enjoying
my free time and I am trying to get some memories that I will be
thinking about when I am old. I will be working for all my life,
so I think I have time for that. I am looking forward to new
experience and learning something new.

Samuel Mihalčík

I am a student at Bilingual grammar school in Sučany. I was
interested in the topic of money from a young age. Firstly, my
dream job was to become a broker at Wall Street, but as years
passed by I realized that I want to bring value to our society and
I see a way how to achieve this in new technologies and startups.
I would like to start a firm which would create new
software in the financial sector. I would like to incorporate the
complex topic of finances into general knowledge, so everybody
would be able to have full control of their finances and would be
able to manage them sensibly. The main reason why people are poor is
that they often live above living standard they can afford such as buying a more
expensive car than they really need due to which they are up to ears in debt.

Tomáš Černuch

My name is Tomáš. I was studying at secondary grammar school in
Trenčín from year 2016 to year 2020. Now I am studying in Brno
at Masaryk University, Faculty of economics and administration.
I like learning new facts from world of finance and investments.
International round of Economic Olympiad is a very big
challenge for me. Certainly, I will do my best. I am very grateful
for having the opportunity to compete with the best economic
students from V4 countries.

Jakub Łaszkowki

Hi, my name is Jakub and I love economics, finance, and pierogi.
From economics I would like to study more about monetary
economy, however I still cannot decide whether I will study
more economics and try to become a “know-it-all” guy in
economics field, or I will become just a specialist in M&A
category. I hope I will soon discover my path. I am also big
enthusiast of classical Russian literature. I love Dostoyevsky’s
and Gogol’s books. On the other hand, I enjoy listening to Dutch
electric music. And the last but not least: POLSKA GUROM

Maksymilian Mucha

Hi, my name is Maksymilian and I love economics.

Mateusz Gil

Hi! My name is Mateusz and I come from Poland. My interest in
economics began 2 years ago when I first heard about Polish
Economics Olympiad. From then on, I have spent a lot of time
discovering this fascinating science. My favourite subjects
regarding economics are behavioural economics,
microeconomics, and financial systems. Apart from that, I love
windsurfing, music, and guitars. My goal for the future is to
graduate in economics and perform academic work at university.
I am really looking forward to taking part in the Olympiad and I
hope it will be an amazing experience!

Michał Przybyło

Hi, I’ m Michael. I am interested in Economics and financial markets
and these are my biggest hobby’s related to science. I’m doing
also well in German classes and in last months I started to like
maths. On the other hand, when I am not learning I take my time
surfing, windsurfing, or skiing. I have also 9 years played in one
of the biggest football clubs in Poland – Wisła Kraków, which I
have ended 3,5 years ago. I am extremely excited and looking
forward to taking parts in IEO 2020.

Piotr Kaczyński

I am high school student in Warsaw. My journey with economics has
begun three years ago when I started to read books connected with
economics. The topics that I am the most interested in are
monetary policy of the countries and The Fourth Industrial
Revolution. Beyond economics, I read a lot about astronomy and
I am a big fan of the Witcher universe.